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Do I need four motors in my remote control ride on car?

No is the short answer, but the models that we carry with four motors can certainly tackle a wider variety of terrains, climb slight inclines and also carry a little more weight which is why many of them are two seat vehicles. Click this link for a completely listing of our Remote Control ride on 4WD vehicles with 4 motors

Most of these vehicles are also jeeps or trucks with an off-road look. Do not let this steer you away from the many cars we offer most of which have dual 12 volt motors which is plenty for street driving and short level grass.

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Does Car Tots Carry Two Seat Remote Control Ride On Vehicles?

Yes. All of the vehicles that are Two (2) seat or more vehicles will specifically say that there are two or more seats. Many times the factories will make a vehicle that appears to have two headrests, but is a ONE seat vehicle. Most of our two seat vehicles will say so right in the title of the product, although if it is not there it will definitely be in the bullet points of the specifications portion of the description.

This section will have all the two seat vehicles with remote control

If you are looking for a two seat vehicle that is NOT remote control then it is best to start in our 4 to 7 year old page and find a two seat vehicle there.

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Driving Without a Remote Control

We still receive this question quite often so we wanted to create a post. We do have vehicles that do not even come with remote controls and those will be found on the 4 to 7 year old section of our website. The sections will be...

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Customizing Vehicles

Many customers want to know if we can customize vehicles. We CANNOT make any different models that are not listed on our website. We do have a company that can customize the vehicles we already sell, and the pricing starts at $399...

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My New Vehicle Will Not Start

What do I do if I just assembled my brand new vehicle and it will not turn on or power up at all?

The reason we wanted to add this to the FAQ page is because most of the time when this happens it is for one of two reasons.

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Off-Road Driving with Toddler Ride On Cars

Can the remote control ride on cars be driven off-road?

Yes and no is the answer for this one. The 6 volt vehicles must stay on mostly flat hard surfaces. The 12 volt vehicles will have enough power to drive on very well kept grass...

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Ride On Car Assembly

One of the most common questions we get when folks call us is to see if there is assembly required.

Yes, there is some assembly required with the toddler ride on vehicles we sell...

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Rubber Tires, Foam Rubber, Plastic and Rubber Strips

We get the question many times about the different tires that are available on the various ride on vehicles.

First, lets get to the original tire that has been around for 50 plus years which is the all plastic tire without any rubber strip. This is what used to come on ride on vehicles...

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Where can I see your store terms and conditions?

You can find our store terms and conditions on our left side menu of our website. If you are using a tablet, phone or mobile device please tap on the Menu circle at the top of the website to see our menu categories. Then tap or click on Terms and Conditions

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