Terms and Conditions

Once an order is placed there is no guarantee that we will be able to cancel or modify the order. Any orders cancelled by the customer will be charged the greater of a twenty-five dollar or five percent cancellation fee. Shipping Days do not include the Order Day, Saturday, Sunday nor any Holiday.

ALL DAMAGE MUST BE REPORTED BEFORE ASSEMBLING YOUR VEHICLE. If a package is delivered to your address and then stolen we are not responsible for replacing the package. Contact your local police department and insurance company for theft like anything else stolen from your property.

We do our very best on each and every order to assure you receive your merchandise in good condition and in a timely fashion. If for any reason there are any issues with any merchandise damage please email us at support@cartots.com immediately before assembling your vehicle and we will assist you further. If the vehicle is damaged in a way that we are unable to send parts to repair the vehicle we will offer a replacement vehicle. If for some reason a package is damaged during shipment please contact us immediately so we can file a claim with the shipping company and resolve the matter quickly. We are not responsible for damage to vehicles that are shipped a second time after arriving at the delivery address on the order. Vehicles listed as "style" are not licensed and will not have authentic logos, stickers nor badges. Vehicles that are lost or stolen will require a tracer and police report filed by the recipient, and will be replaced not refunded.

Ride on cars (remote control or not), ride on trucks (or any other style ride on vehicle), scooters (gas powered or electric), and other vehicles that children, teens, or adults sit in or ride on are NOT ELIGIBLE FOR RETURNS as they are covered via warranty through the manufacturer. By making this purchase you agree to work with Car Tots and/or the manufacturer's representative to resolve any issues that are are not satisfactory.

Customized merchandise and Parts are not returnable for any reason and are not refundable. We do not offer exchanges on parts. If you received your customized merchandise for free as part of the vehicle purchase the total value on our website for that item at the time of your purchase will be deducted from your refund regardless of whether you return the customized merchandise or not.

If you are shipping and billing to different addresses please enter the billing address exactly as it is on your statement during checkout with the correct contact information for the card holder and enter the shipping address during checkout. We prefer and recommend using PayPal or Apple Pay for these transactions as that is secure and protected for both parties. If you do not we, as the merchant, are responsible for verifying the transaction and may ask for additional documentation to prove you are the cardholder. Thank you for understanding and working together with us here at Car Tots.

All warranties listed on our website are for replacement parts that are defective to be sent to the customer. Defective parts will be replaced one time under warranty if deemed defective during warranty period. WATER DAMAGE is not covered. Warranties do not cover side mirrors, windshields, steering wheels nor any other body parts after the vehicle has been delivered in good condition. Do not worry though as we do sell parts to our verified customers and they are not usually that expensive.

We are not responsible for dimpling in molds nor other imperfections in the manufacturing process which does happen from time to time and does not affect the functionality of the vehicle. This can usually be fixed with a heat gun or hair dryer while applying a little pressure from the underside to smooth out the dimple or imperfection in the plastic if so desired. Please contact us if you need assistance with plastic dimpling or imperfections. We do our best to have updated pictures on our website, but manufacturers change trim, windshields, and other aesthetics on the vehicles which does not make the vehicle/order eligible for a warranty claim nor return.

If a product is returned there will be a 20% restocking fee and no refund of original shipping fees paid assessed and if it is not shipped back in the same condition that it was received in there will be an additional restocking fee assessed to the return. The customer is responsible for all return/exchange shipping fees. Any customized accessories that were part of the order are not returnable for any reason, and if they were free as part of the order the cost will be deducted from the amount of the refund.

All Warranty claims must be submitted via email to our company BEFORE your warranty period is over, and again are for replacement parts only.

PLEASE do not overcharge your vehicle and pay attention to the charging times in your manual. The warranty does not cover overcharging of the battery and wall charger. This can also be VERY dangerous to leave the vehicle and/or wall charger plugged in for over the recommended time. 

Remote Control Ride On Cars are typically for children under 42" tall. PLEASE EMAIL US BEFORE ORDERING if you have questions - support@cartots.com