Car Tots Your #1 Ride On Dealership

Car Tots is proud to bring you the most innovative
and quality ride on vehicles for toddlers and kids. We specialize in
Remote Control Ride On Cars, Trucks, SUVs and jeeps for kids ages 4 and
under. These toddler ride on cars come with a wireless, fully functional
remote control and steering motor on the vehicle so they are able to be
driven by the parents of toddlers who are not able to drive yet. When
the toddlers are ready to learn to drive they can practice with the foot
pedal and the steering wheel as well. We do have some select items for
kids ages 4 to 10 too. We pride ourselves on providing great products at
great prices coupled with fantastic customer service that you can
depend on here at your source for toddler remote control ride on cars.

Our checkout process is updated regularly with the latest software and is Secure and Encrypted. 

We carry replacement parts for our electric toddler cars. This a
huge advantage to shopping on our website, since we get too many calls
from customers who purchased elsewhere and have been told they are out
of luck when something goes wrong. Do not make the same mistake and have
an expensive paperweight, shop with confidence at Car Tots and your
will enjoy your vehicles for years to come. Also, be sure to
research the company you choose to do business with. Companies that
accept returns on ride on cars are going to sell those cars to new
customers. Do you want someone else's return? We do not take returns on
ride on vehicles since ours come with a warranty, and we work with
customers to resolve any issues.

Please look around and if you have some additional questions, feel free to email us at and our staff will get back to you promptly.

Feel free to call us as well at 1-888-719-6200