Car Tots is proud to bring you the most innovative and quality ride on vehicles for toddlers and beyond. We even have scooters that teens and adults can enjoy as well. We pride ourselves on having great products at great prices coupled with fantastic customer service that you can depend on:

  • We are the premier online ride on car dealer
  • Bringing joy to our customers lives is why we are in business
  • Customer satisfaction is our goal and what we strive for each and everyday
  • Our Checkout Process is Secure and Encrypted
  • We specialize in remote control ride on cars for toddlers
  • We carry replacement parts for OUR customers
  • Our technicians are great at resolving issues
  • We do our best to respond to customers quickly is designed to bring you the latest in ride on cars for toddlers (tots), kids, teens, and even some adult ride ons too. We have many versions that are remote control ride on cars, where the parents or adults can actively participate by using the wireless controller to drive their little ones around. These remote control power wheels are truly amazing and will leave you and your toddlers in awe. These vehicles work like magic and are what many call Remote Control Power Wheels. You will benefit from a more valuable experience shopping for toddler and baby ride on cars and trucks here at Car Tots. We also have versions of ride on cars that are fully controlled by the kids and typically are a little larger for the bigger kids. The fact that we actually carry replacement parts for our vehicles is a huge advantage to shopping on our website, since we get too many calls from customers who purchased elsewhere and have been told by the store they bought from that they are out of luck when something goes wrong. Do not make the same mistake and have an expensive paperweight, make sure you go with Car Tots so you can enjoy your vehicles for years to come. Also, do your homework on the company you are choosing to do business with. Companies that accept returns on ride on cars are going to sell those cars to new customers. Do you want someone else's return? We do not take returns on ride on vehicles since ours come with a warranty, and we work with customers to resolve any issues.

Please look around and if you see something you like, but have some additional questions feel free to email us at and our staff will get back to you promptly. Feel free to call us as well at 1-888-719-6200.