Customer News

Impressive Customer Service

Recently I ordered the Jeep Wrangler style ride on in red. When I ordered the vehicle it was on backorder which I knew, but I really enjoyed the communication that I received. Whenever I had any questions I always received responses in a timely fashion and the representatives were happy to do some extra research for me. We are really enjoying our Jeep and would recommend Car Tots to anyone looking for a remote control ride on toy. They are the best.

Thank you Car Tots,

Jim in Florida

Mercedes S600 Christmas Hit

I ordered the Mercedes S600 for my granddaughter this Christmas and it arrived in exactly 7 days as promised. It took less than 30 minutes to put together. I charged it for 8/9 hours and on Christmas morning the only thing that my granddaughter wanted to play with was her S600. Being that she is not quite 2 years old I drove her around using the remote control. She was the talk of the neighborhood. This vehicle has a working radio, opening doors, headlights, leather seat. Car Tots kept their word in making sure that my granddaughter had a wonderful Christmas by delivering her gift when promised. Great customer service and salesmanship.

Mr. Thompson

South Carolina

Merry Christmas from Santa and Car Tots

I had originally ordered the green Jeep Wrangler ride on, but mentioned to the gentleman I spoke to that I really wanted red which was out of stock. The next day a representative had emailed me asking if I still wanted red as they had one available for me, which I thought was impressive customer service. Of course I indeed did accept the red one they had for me. 

Thank you so much for your excellent customer service!!! You don't receive that much today!! My grandson will have an excellent Christmas because of YOU and Santa!!

Thanks again and happy holidays!

Angela from Pennsylvania 

Brooklyn's Finest Benz

We bought the Mercedes S63 remote control ride on sports car for our grandson for his birthday. We had looked around at other places and check out many different reviews. Car Tots had a reasonable price and is a specialty dealer who was very informative when we called to ask a few questions. The S63 Mercedes had all the features and amenities we were looking for at a very reasonable price.

Thank you Car Tots!

Louie in Brooklyn

Jeep Wrangler Style Remote Control Ride On

I just wanted let you know that your company representatives are super nice and you guys go the extra mile when you don't even have too! Thank you so much! That is a sign of a very great company!

My three year old is absolutely loving his new Wrangler style ride on jeep and so am I when I drive him around with the wireless remote control.

Thanks again,

Jeremy in North Carolina

Defender of Minnesota

We purchased the Land Rover Defender from Car Tots and have been having such a good time with our grandson. My grandson loves the Land Rover so much he will not leave it alone even for a moment...we may have a small problem getting him to do anything else!

Thank you Car Tots!

Pam from Minnesota

Angela from North Carolina loves her Lambo

Angela called from North Carolina to tell us how timely her shipment arrived and how much her and most importantly her granddaughter love their new Lamborghini Aventador Ride On Car.

Celina Loves Her Benz G-Wagon in California

I am emailing in just to let you guys know you really made my daughter's day. She absolutely loves going for a ride, with her American Girl in the passenger seat, around the neighborhood... and I love driving them with the remote!

Thank you Car Tots,


Christmas In Hawaii


Thanks so much for the quick shipment. Christmas morning was EPIC! Our 13 month old still doesn't want to get out of his car! He's obsessed with his T870.  



Boys and their toys - Moms love them too!

I am so glad I found this website. My son has been asking for a luxury electric car for forever. I decided to get him one for his birthday. I chose the G55 because I love Mercedes and it models the real thing so much to give him a great time riding. When he came outside to see the car he said "Wow mom, you got me a truck". He hopped right in and I couldn't get him out. The quality of this car is amazing. I like the fact that there is a switch on the dash to put it in manual mode or remote mode so I can drive him too until he gets that swing of things. This truck is like pure magic. I'm thankful it comes with a 1 year warranty just in case anything happens.

Thanks again Car Tots!


Altanta, GA