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Trail Blazer is Great for Off-Roading

We ordered the Trail Blazer SideXSide for our son because we live where there is quite a bit of uneven terrain. We have had one of the regular sports cars in the past and they just can't handle going off the pavement at all. We have been very satisfied with this vehicle and enjoy driving our son around with the remote control just about anywhere on our property without getting stuck thanks to the four motors and knobby tires. We have even had the neighbors kids along for the ride since it is a two seater and one of them is a little older so they can actually drive with the steering wheel and foot pedal as well. This is a great vehicle and we certainly recommend Car Tots for their shipping and service. We wanted to get an extra battery and were able to order that right through Car Tots! 

Thank you,

David in Florida

Shipping To Hawaii

We wanted to order a toddler remote control ride on car and had a very hard time finding someone to deliver to Hawaii. Thankfully, we finally found Car Tots who offered shipping to Hawaii. We placed our order online and they were in contact with us the whole way through the shipping process. Our order was delivered within about 10 days and were very happy with the service we received from their staff.

Thank you,

LeeAnn in Hawaii

Learning to Drive

Dear CarTots, 

We wanted to write in and share a video of our grandson who is absolutely in love with his Jeep Rubicon Awesome XL. He is 3 years old, so it won't be long until he is driving himself around, but until then his parents and I are having fun controlling the vehicle with the remote control. I'm glad we found your company and this amazing toddler jeep. 

Thank you,

Mike in Florida

Car Tots Polaris is Awesome!

We just wanted to write in and let you folks know how much we are loving our new Polaris toddler remote control ride on. We needed something with two seats and with the remote control, but we weren't originally to excited about having and off-road type of vehicle. The customer service rep we spoke to recommended the trail blazer to us since we did say we would like to use the vehicle in grass. They said the four motors and shocks would work well for our situation so we took their advice and boy are we happy we did. My kids love riding in it and I get just as much of a kick driving them around with the wireless remote control.

Thank you Car Tots!

Dan in Virginia

Fantastic Customer Service

We ordered our grandson a toddler ride on 2 seater from Car Tots. We live in Canada, but since we are close to the border we had the vehicle shipped to a relative in the US and went down to pick up the vehicle the next trip we made down. We got home and gave it to our grandson who was beyond thrilled from the moment he saw it. Our daughter told us all he wanted to do for the next few days was just sit in his car whether it was on or not. We had forgotten to put the bolt through the steering wheel when we assembled it and our grandson pulled it off and broke the wires on it. We called Car Tots and explained what happened and that it was our fault. They told us how much they appreciated our honesty and told us they would cover the new steering wheel. We asked if we could pay to ship it to Canada so we didn't have to drive down to pick up the part and they actually even offered to split the cost of shipping with us so all in all it was a very inexpensive mistake. We got the part and made sure the bolt and nut were securely fastened and our grandson continues to love his car. We got lots of extra hugs whenever we see him!

Thank you,

Marty in Ontario

Wonderful Service at Car Tots

We ordered the Polaris Trail Blazer from Car Tots right before Christmas. We called to see if they could get it to us in time to have it for under the tree Christmas morning as we were outside of the shipping map time frame. The Car Tots representative said they couldn't guarantee it would be there, but they would to their very best to try. Well, thankfully we ordered from this company because sure enough it did make it just in time and Santa was a real superhero! If anyone is looking for toddler remote control ride on cars then Car Tots is where you want to shop, especially with the great service and warranty they offer.

Thank you so much to the Car Tots Staff.

Alicia in Pennsylvania

Trail Blazing

We ordered the remote control trail blazer from Car Tots as a Christmas present for our two children. This is one of the few toddler ride ons with two seats, and it was absolutely perfect for us as we want to use it in our yard so the four motors is a big plus. When we received the vehicle there wasn't any remote control in the package and we were a little worried we ordered the wrong thing and that our Christmas would be ruined. We emailed in to Car Tots the weekend before Christmas and asked if this was indeed a remote control ride on vehicle since there was no remote control in the box. They called us back on Saturday and assured us that it was a remote control vehicle and also helped us find the remote which had managed to hide itself during the shipping. We were thrilled with the product and level of service we received from Car Tots Staff. 

Thank you,

Stephanie in Utah

Happy Holidays

Thank you, thank you and thank you!! We are so happy we found Car Tots and that you were able to provide the exact vehicle we wanted for this Holiday Season. Looking forward to a wonderful Christmas morning and lots of big smiles! 

Have a Happy Holiday!

Carolyn in Virginia

Great Service and Great Product

I ordered the Polaris RZR style remote control toddler ride on with the four motors and it arrived at our home very quickly. I had a few questions for Car Tots in regards to the product when we received it and the service folks responded to me every time very quickly and answered all of my questions. I would definitely recommend them to any friends or family looking for these types of vehicles.

Erica in D.C.

Great Products and Service

We ordered the Polaris RZR remote control ride on and it arrived in just a few short days after we ordered it. The license plate took a bit longer, but we new that would be the case since the Car Tots team had already let us know they ship separately and take a few days to actually make them. Anytime I have emailed the staff at Car Tots they have gotten back to us right away and had the answers to my questions. We are love the vehicle and are looking forward to using it for years to come.

Thank you Car Tots!

Kayla in West Virginia

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