Rubber Tires, Foam Rubber, Plastic and Rubber Strips

We get the question many times about the different tires that are available on the various ride on vehicles.

First, lets get to the original tire that has been around for 50 plus years which is the all plastic tire without any rubber strip. This is what used to come on ride on vehicles, prior to there ever even being any remote control ride on vehicles many years ago. They are noisy and do not have much grip. We do not sell any vehicles with plastic tires without a rubber strip today.

Next came the plastic tire with the rubber strip down the center which did two things. It added a lot of traction and also gave vehicles with this tire type just slightly less road noise while driving. These tires have been out for close to 20 years and are the standard in the ride on and remote control ride on industry.

A few years back came the foam rubber tire which is quickly becoming a very popular choice for the toddler remote control ride on cars. These tires give a good amount of traction along with a much softer and quieter ride. Do not worry if you order a vehicle with this type of tire and it isn't giving you good traction at first as sometimes they do need to wear a little bit first and after a ride or two they will grip much better. These tires are a dense EVA foam at the core with a rubber like give and quality to them. The EVA stands for Ethylene-vinyl acetate and can be used in shoes, mats and many other applications as well. This tire choice appears to be becoming more of the standard on the newer vehicles introduced although some new ones have the plastic with rubber strip. As far as grip goes there really is not much difference between these and the plastic tires with rubber strip. 

We currently, nor at any time in the past, sell any vehicles that have the option of changing or choosing the tire that comes with the vehicle. All the vehicles come with the type of tire they come with and it cannot be changed. Sometimes, we have the option at the factory when we order our vehicles which tire we want and Car Tots always chooses the upgraded tire choice for the vehicles we bring in.

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