Driving Without a Remote Control

We still receive this question quite often so we wanted to create a post. We do have vehicles that do not even come with remote controls and those will be found on the 4 to 7 year old section of our website. The sections will be on the left hand side of our website. If you are looking at our site using a phone you scroll to the top and tap on the orange button that says Menu to see the different sections of our site.

This question is usually asked about Remote Control Ride On Vehicles though. The answer is yes, all remote control ride on vehicles that we sell on our site are able to be operated by the rider using the foot pedal and steering wheel. Do keep in mind that these vehicles are designed to fit a child up to about 43" tall. If your child is close to or above that height you might want to consider the 4 to 7 year old section mentioned above.

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