My New Vehicle Will Not Start

What do I do if I just assembled my brand new vehicle and it will not turn on or power up at all?

The reason we wanted to add this to the FAQ page is because most of the time when this happens it is for one of two reasons.

The first reason is that the positive (usually red) battery wire was not connected during assembly or possibly not making contact because of a sheath that the factory sometimes puts over the battery terminal and/or plug for shipping. Please check to make sure it looks like you are indeed getting metal to metal contact on your positive battery wire.

The second most common reason is that the wall charger is plugged into the vehicle. Most of the vehicles will not turn on if the charger is plugged into the vehicle. Just a side note as well which is a common practice for all of our ride on toys is to not overcharge them and do not leave the charger plugged into the wall nor the vehicle when it is not being charged. 

If these two checks did not resolve the issue and your vehicle still will not start then please email us at with your shipping address and/or order number so we can be sure to assist you getting your vehicle to work properly.

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