Off-Road Driving with Toddler Ride On Cars

Can the remote control ride on cars be driven off-road?

Yes and no is the answer for this one. The 6 volt vehicles must stay on mostly flat hard surfaces. The 12 volt vehicles will have enough power to drive on very well kept grass similar to golf course grass and drive around just fine while the battery is mostly charged. All of the cars are going to have very low ground clearance compared to the jeeps and trucks. NONE of these are technically designed for going on anything but a flat hard surface except for the ones with the four wheel drive and especially the ones with the four motors which includes the Henes T870.

The vehicles with the four motors that will give you the best off-road experience and be able to handle some gravel and even some slightly steeper inclines (keep in mind these are for toddlers starting at age two and many customers buy them for first birthdays). We currently have three of these vehicles besides the Henes: The Wrangler Style, the Colorado Style and the Polaris RZR Style. These three vehicles will exceed the off-road limits of the other vehicles (except the Henes T870). Again, keep in mind, these are toddler vehicles and are not designed for stunts or extreme off-roading at all.

The Henes T870 is in a class of its own and had quite a bit of thought, design and technology put into the off-road and individual motor control. It is the only remote control toddler ride on vehicle that the factory actually touts as an off-road capable vehicle. To start with this vehicle has 24 volts which is double that of any of the other remote control ride on vehicles. It is capable of running at 10 miles per hour, but the factory has designed this Toddler remote control ride on car so that it has a top speed of 5 mph. So what happens with all that extra power? Well, the onboard computer is constantly sensing the four motor four wheel drive, and when one wheel is stuck it will send more power to that wheel or if the vehicle is climbing it has more power to send to all the wheels. You can search our site for the T870 for more specifics and details on this vehicle. 

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