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Is Something Wrong with my Vehicle Battery

These batteries on most of the ride on vehicles we sell are designed to be used at least once a month. As stated on your order confirmation email you must charge the battery in your ride on car at least once a month even if you do not use it. This is to keep the cells inside the battery active.

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Ride on Car Remote Control Is Not Working – Common Causes and Troubleshooting

In this article we discuss some troubleshooting specifically related to a ride-on car remote control which is not functioning properly. Here are some common reasons that your remote may not be functioning with your rc ride on car.

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What does the ETA mean on a Pre-Order vehicle?

ETA as we all know stands for Estimated Time of Arrival and that is the date that we expect the vehicle to arrive here in the USA. This is truly an estimate as the shipping ports can be very congested and not be able to get containers off right away. The US Customs department can also take longer than normal to clear the container for importation. Sometimes we are predicting months in advance as to when our order will be completed by the factory which is not an exact date by any means and can change. We do our best to keep you informed if you do place a Pre-Order as to the status of our shipment and any updates. Once the vehicles arrive here in the USA it takes 2 to 15 non-holiday business days to ship to your delivery address. If you have any questions or need clarification please email us and we are happy to help.

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I am looking for a car for a first birthday

Typically, the models with the 2.4G remote controls (which most have now) will have a little bit slower start to them which is the main concern for one year old toddlers on their first birthday since their necks are not as strong as a two or three year old. These vehicles actually have a more gradual soft start 

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I have a question about my order

The best way to get an answer about your order is to send an email with your order number and/or shipping address to 

If you decide to call and get a representative on the phone who does not have access to your order and cannot help you right that second, please be kind and understand we do want to help you we simply need some extra time to address your situation. The best way to do that is to email us

We appreciate you and answer all emails Monday through Friday and typically on the weekends as well. If a holiday falls during the week we will get back to you the next business day.

Thank you.

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Holiday Shipping

Please click on the orange bar across the top of our website for holiday shipping times. We typically only have this link up during the holiday season. On the checkout screen you will see an estimated shipping time.

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What if I am billing and shipping to different addresses?

That is no problem at all. We have you covered here at Car Tots. Simply enter the billing address exactly as it is on your statement during checkout with the correct contact information for the card holder and enter the shipping address during checkout. We prefer and recommend using PayPal or Apple Pay for these transactions as that is secure and protected for both parties. If you do not we, as the merchant, are responsible for verifying the transaction and may ask for additional documentation to prove you are the cardholder. Thank you for understanding and working together with us here at Car Tots.

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6V, 12V or 24V? What is voltage all about?

We do not carry many if any 6 volt vehicles as a vehicle will be fun longer with 12 volts of power and a low speed setting for the younger toddlers, which is what just about every 12 volt vehicle we carry has. There are very few if any 24 volt REMOTE CONTROL ride on vehicles in the USA right now. Most remote control ride on vehicles are for young toddlers, and 24 volt motors can get up to around 10 mph which can be quite fast for a toddler or a parent using a remote control. The Henes T870 has 24 volt motors, but also an onboard computer that regulates the speed to no more than about 5 mph. Some people have asked us about the 24 volt setups advertised on other sites. Do not be confused by companies saying a vehicle has 24 volts because it has two 12 volt batteries. If the batteries are run parallel the voltage is still 12 volts and the reason the vehicle has two batteries is typically to drive four motors (instead of two) or double the run time. A real 24 volt vehicle has 24 volt motors and would require a 24 volt battery or two 12 volt batteries run in series to create 24 volts. Do your research or ask the Car Tots experts at if you need assistance.

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How can I find a specific style of remote control ride on vehicle?

We have developed a page that allows you filter by body style here. Simply click on this link to search by body style.

If you do not see the vehicle on our website then we do currently carry that vehicle. We are not able to make custom vehicles. If you want to find out about a particular style and if that might be coming in please email to find out. Our phone representatives will not have this information.

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How do I search your website?

The search box and all of our categories are plainly visible when using a laptop, but on a cell phone you must click on the three lines or magnifying glass near the top of the page.

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