Driving Without a Remote Control

We still receive this question quite often so we wanted to create a post. We do have vehicles that do not even come with remote controls and those will be found on the 4 to 7 year old section of our website. The sections will be on the left hand side of our website. If you are looking at our site using a phone you scroll to the top and tap on the orange button that says Menu to see the different sections of our site.

This question is usually asked about Remote Control Ride On Vehicles though. The answer is yes, all remote control ride on vehicles that we sell on our site are able to be operated by the rider using the foot pedal and steering wheel. Do keep in mind that these vehicles are designed to fit a child up to about 43" tall. If your child is close to or above that height you might want to consider the 4 to 7 year old section mentioned above.

Customizing Vehicles

Many customers want to know if we can customize vehicles. We CANNOT make any different models that are not listed on our website. We do have a company that can customize the vehicles we already sell, and the pricing starts at $399 on top of the cost of the vehicle. If you are interested in the customization program please email support@cartots.com with the following information:

  1. Your Name
  2. Phone Number
  3. eMail Address
  4. Product and what you would like customized

1 color Ultra Pearl Paint Jobs Start @ $399. 

We will get back to you within 48 hours.

Thank you,

Car Tots Staff

Off-Road Driving with Toddler Ride On Cars

Can the remote control ride on cars be driven off-road?

Yes and no is the answer for this one. The 6 volt vehicles must stay on mostly flat hard surfaces. The 12 volt vehicles will have enough power to drive on very well kept grass similar to golf course grass and drive around just fine while the battery is mostly charged. All of the cars are going to have very low ground clearance compared to the jeeps and trucks. NONE of these are technically designed for going on anything but a flat hard surface except for the ones with the four wheel drive and especially the ones with the four motors which includes the Henes T870.

The vehicles with the four motors that will give you the best off-road experience and be able to handle some gravel and even some slightly steeper inclines (keep in mind these are for toddlers starting at age two and many customers buy them for first birthdays). We currently have three of these vehicles besides the Henes: The Wrangler Style, the Colorado Style and the Polaris RZR Style. These three vehicles will exceed the off-road limits of the other vehicles (except the Henes T870). Again, keep in mind, these are toddler vehicles and are not designed for stunts or extreme off-roading at all.

The Henes T870 is in a class of its own and had quite a bit of thought, design and technology put into the off-road and individual motor control. It is the only remote control toddler ride on vehicle that the factory actually touts as an off-road capable vehicle. To start with this vehicle has 24 volts which is double that of any of the other remote control ride on vehicles. It is capable of running at 10 miles per hour, but the factory has designed this Toddler remote control ride on car so that it has a top speed of 5 mph. So what happens with all that extra power? Well, the onboard computer is constantly sensing the four motor four wheel drive, and when one wheel is stuck it will send more power to that wheel or if the vehicle is climbing it has more power to send to all the wheels. You can search our site for the T870 for more specifics and details on this vehicle. 


The large majority of our items ship out of our warehouse in California using FedEx. The closer you are to the west coast the quicker the items arrive. Almost all of the 48 continental United States will arrive within one week of when an order is placed, providing there aren't any holidays or weather delays. If you are shipping to the most southeastern parts of the country (Miami is a good example) it can take up to 10 calendar days to arrive, although most still make it within 8 calendar days of being ordered. 

Do we offer express shipping? We try to stay away from express shipping as it is very, very expensive on these oversize items. An estimate would be shipping the large Mercedes G55 remote control ride on to New York via 3 day express could be as much as $350 at our discounted shipping rates. If you go onto the FedEx website and estimate this rate without an discount it will be around $700. If you absolutely must have express shipping for a wedding or event of some sort then please email us at support@cartots.com with your shipping zip code, the name of the vehicle and your contact phone number and we will get back with you as quickly as possible. Our phone representatives do Not have access to the shipping calculators to give you a shipping rate nor whether we can actually meet the shipping times needed. We will not refund your purchase if an express shipment arrives and is missing a part that we have to send to you or that you purchase locally. We will get those parts to you as quickly as we can.

How long does it take from when I order something until it actually ships?  Here are Car Tots we try to get orders shipped out as quickly as possible so that items can arrive as soon as possible. Typically, though this is not a guarantee, we will ship vehicles out the same day as long as the order is placed by 1:00 PM Central Time. Many time accessories, like a license plate, can take a few days to ship out since they have to be custom made first. Accessories will not slow down the shipment of your vehicle though even when they are on the same order. 

How long does it take from when I order to arrive to the East Coast?  Typically, it will arrive within one week. USUALLY, and we do try our best, orders placed after 1:00 PM Central Time on Friday through Monday at 1:00 PM Central will arrive by that next Saturday. This means that any orders over the weekend and Monday morning shipping out on a Monday can make it there that Saturday. 

What happens if my item arrives damaged? We do our very best on each and every order to assure you receive your merchandise in good condition and in a timely fashion. If for any reason there are any issues with any merchandise damage please email us at support@cartots.com within 5 days of receiving merchandise and we will assist you further. If the vehicle is damaged in a way that we are unable to send parts to repair the vehicle we will offer a replacement vehicle. If for some reason a package is damaged during shipment please contact us immediately so we can file a claim with the shipping company and resolve the matter quickly. We are not responsible for damage to vehicles that are shipped a second time after arriving at the delivery address on the order. Vehicles listed as "style" are not licensed and will not have authentic logos, stickers nor badges. Please visit our terms and conditions page for more information. 

Ride On Car Assembly

One of the most common questions we get when folks call us is to see if there is assembly required.

Yes, there is some assembly required with the toddler ride on vehicles we sell as that helps them ship in a smaller box and also keeps them safe while they are in route to your address.

The assembly should not take more than about 30 to 45 minutes and if the instructions are not clear enough you can request a step by step video from Car Tots, which we have for just about every one of our remote control ride on cars. 

Rubber Tires, Foam Rubber, Plastic and Rubber Strips

We get the question many times about the different tires that are available on the various ride on vehicles.

First, let us start by saying that currently, nor at any time in the past, have we sold any vehicles that had the option of changing or choosing the tire that came with the vehicle. All the vehicles come with the type of tire they come with and it cannot be changed. Sometimes, we have the option at the factory when we order our vehicles which tire we want and Car Tots always chooses the upgraded tire choice for the vehicles we bring in.

Now, lets get to the original tire that has been around for 50 plus years which is the all plastic tire without any rubber strip. This is what used to come on ride on vehicles, prior to there ever even being any remote control ride on vehicles many years ago. They are noisy and do not have much grip. We do not sell any vehicles with plastic tires without a rubber strip today.

Next came the plastic tire with the rubber strip down the center which did two things. It added a lot of traction and also gave vehicles with this tire type just slightly less road noise while driving. These tires have been out for close to 20 years and are the standard in the ride on and remote control ride on industry.

A few years back came the foam rubber tire which is quickly becoming a very popular choice for the toddler remote control ride on cars. These tires give a good amount of traction along with a much softer and quieter ride. Do not worry if you order a vehicle with this type of tire and it isn't giving you good traction at first as sometimes they do need to wear a little bit first and after a ride or two they will grip much better. These tires are a dense EVA foam at the core with a rubber like give and quality to them. The EVA stands for Ethylene-vinyl acetate and can be used in shoes, mats and many other applications as well. This tire choice appears to be becoming more of the standard on the newer vehicles introduced although some new ones have the plastic with rubber strip. As far as grip goes there really is not much difference between these and the plastic tires with rubber strip. 

Henes, a Korean company, makes a couple of different top of the line vehicles which have actual rubber tires that feel much like a real car tire. These still do not require air as they are all material throughout the tire and may have some sort of a foam element to them, but these tires definitely do provide the most grip out of all the choices. These vehicles also come with a noticeable difference in price as they have many other upgraded features as well.