Ride on Car Remote Control Is Not Working – Common Causes and Troubleshooting

In this article we discuss some troubleshooting specifically related to a ride-on car remote control which is not functioning properly. Here are some common reasons that your remote may not be functioning with your rc ride on car.

***Always unplug the wall charger from your vehicle while testing anything***

The remote controls for ride-on cars are not necessarily universal, and you must use the one that came with your vehicle so that the receiver on the car functions properly.

The remote control that comes with your ride on car is typically not functioning due to one of four primary reasons. The batteries may not be installed or may be installed the incorrect way in the remote control. The batteries may be too old if they have been sitting in your drawer for a long time and do not have any power left in them, or sometimes the batteries are corroded and should be disposed of properly. Try not to touch battery corrosion or use gloves. 

We recommend testing your remote control with the switches to see if any lights are coming on in the remote. This will let you know that you do have batteries and that they are installed correctly. Sometimes if this is the case they can still be very low on power and not transmitting the signal very far (so using a brand new, freshly purchased set is best).

The connection Between the Remote and the Car Could Be the Reason that the remote is not operating the vehicle. This could be due to the remote control itself for the reasons mentioned above, OR if you know you dropped the remote, ran over it or it got wet possibly the those would be other reasons. Do you hear anything rattling around? Typically though, if the remote lights are working then the remote is not the issue. 

There should be a "car select" button or a series of buttons on the remote control that are used to sync the car to the vehicle. You will need to refer to the manual that came with your vehicle for these instructions. Sometimes they are on a sticker on the back of the remote control as well.

Your Remote Control Ride on Car may not respond to the remote if there is a problem with the actual receiver (the brain) of your remote control ride on vehicle. This is the box, usually by the battery in the vehicle, that has connections and wires going in and out of it. DO NOT DISCONNECT ANYTHING without first taking some photos for your reference later. You can try to disconnect the cord coming from the battery to the receiver box and let that sit for one to two minutes disconnected before connecting it again. Then test the remote with your vehicle.

Lastly, the battery or batteries that are in your vehicle may not be charged or holding a charge which is what powers the receiver box.

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