6V, 12V or 24V? What is voltage all about?

We do not carry many if any 6 volt vehicles as a vehicle will be fun longer with 12 volts of power and a low speed setting for the younger toddlers, which is what just about every 12 volt vehicle we carry has. There are very few if any 24 volt REMOTE CONTROL ride on vehicles in the USA right now. Most remote control ride on vehicles are for young toddlers, and 24 volt motors can get up to around 10 mph which can be quite fast for a toddler or a parent using a remote control. The Henes T870 has 24 volt motors, but also an onboard computer that regulates the speed to no more than about 5 mph. Some people have asked us about the 24 volt setups advertised on other sites. Do not be confused by companies saying a vehicle has 24 volts because it has two 12 volt batteries. If the batteries are run parallel the voltage is still 12 volts and the reason the vehicle has two batteries is typically to drive four motors (instead of two) or double the run time. A real 24 volt vehicle has 24 volt motors and would require a 24 volt battery or two 12 volt batteries run in series to create 24 volts. Do your research or ask the Car Tots experts at support@cartots.com if you need assistance.

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