Is Something Wrong with my Vehicle Battery

***Always unplug the wall charger from your vehicle while testing anything***

These batteries on most of the ride on vehicles we sell are designed to be used at least once a month. As stated on your order confirmation email you must charge the battery in your ride on car at least once a month even if you do not use it. This is to keep the cells inside the battery active.

The batteries may be too old in general. This usually is the case after two or more years though. The climate you live in may affect how long batteries last. Sometimes the batteries are corroded and should be disposed of properly. Try not to touch battery corrosion or use gloves.

Always be sure to do a full charge before testing your vehicle and/or battery.

DO NOT DISCONNECT ANYTHING without first taking some photos for your reference later. You can try to disconnect the wire coming from the battery to the receiver box (box with all the wires usually near the battery) and let that sit for one to two minutes disconnected before connecting it again. Then test the your vehicle.

Lastly, the battery or batteries that are in your vehicle may not be charged, holding a charge OR are too low for your wall charger to charge. This can be due to age, use habits or environment inside or outside the vehicle. There are several videos out there on testing vehicle batteries. Most of the batteries in most of our vehicles are the SLA type which are very safe with proper use. You can take your battery to a local auto parts or electronics store for proper testing typically at no charge.

If you do replace your battery ALWAYS be sure to get the same specifications as the original that came with your vehicle. Deviating from this can cause damage to your vehicle and is not safe in general. If you need help determining this with a vehicle that specifically purchased from Car Tots please email us with your order number or original shipping address and we are happy to assist you.

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