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We Love Our Toyota Tundra With Amazing Lights

Dear Car Tots,

Thank you so much for your time and help with us after the sale. I appreciate your efforts to help me you did amazing job. We love our Toyota Tundra especially the look the lights on the roll bar and the working tailgate on the bed. We will be recommending Car Tots to our friends and family.

Thank you again,

Anderson in Tennessee

Maserati - Sporty, Stylish and Luxurious

Thank you Car Tots for the lavishly upgraded Maserati Alfieri. We wanted something a little different than all the Mercedes you see out there for our toddler, but wanted to get all the extras that are available nowadays in the remote control ride on cars so we decided to go with the Alfieri. It has every option we have ever heard of from the rubber tires to the leather seat and especially the video touchscreen. The car itself, being a licensed Maserati, is a very sleek and sporty car in a gorgeous blue color that our son just absolutely loves. We cannot say enough good things about this fantastic car and thank you again to Car Tots for having such an amazing vehicle. The shipping was quite fast, it went out the same day, and arrived in just a few days after we ordered. Keep up the good work and stocking such fine products.


Henry in California

Mercedes GT4 Multimedia System is Fantastic

We purchased our toddler the Mercedes GT4 with all the bells and whistles. It even has a touchscreen multimedia player. You can save music and videos onto a USB stick or SD card and insert them into the multimedia player. I cannot say how much we love this vehicle. Our little guy would rather watch videos sitting in "his car" than on the television now. The rubber tires give it a nice quite ride unlike those old school plastic tires that you could hear coming from a mile away. We highly recommend purchasing this vehicle if you are in the market for a toddler sports car.

Thank You Car Tots,

Jazmine in Ohio

Arkansas Goes X-Class

Thank you so much for all your help. Your customer support has been amazing. I will use you guys for all the cars I buy in the future. I have a lot of friends with kids almost old enough for these cars. I'll be sending them to Car Tots as well. Customer support goes a long ways these days and I could not be more pleased with yours.

Thanks Again,

Fletcher in Arkansas

Love the LCD Movie Screen in the toddler SLS Mercedes

We purchased the Mercedes SLS sports car because it has the little LCD screen to watch videos from a USB drive or SD card. Our son loves just sitting in "his car" and watching videos we save to the USB stick. He doesn't care if we are driving or not although he loves riding around the block as well. What a great purchase and such a cool concept from the remote that I can use to drive to the opening doors and LCD screen with many other cool amenities as well. 

Thank you for the great product selection.

Claire in Florida

S63 Mercedes is a Great Value

We ordered the toddler Mercedes S63 for our daughter. We like that it was licensed as we felt that would assure it was good quality, which it appears...

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Toddlers Love jeeps

We bought our son the lifted Rambler jeep on Car Tots. We love the green color and the look of the lifted wheels. We have used it mostly on pavement and...

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Cool Electric Bentley Concept Car For My Cool Toddler

We ordered the toddler Bentley EXP 12 modeled after the all electric Bentley concept car in real life. This toddler version is gorgeous with the glossy paint, butterfly doors and cool LED hood insignia. My son gets the biggest smile on his face when he sits in "his" car. I have to admit it brings a smile to my face to drive him around our cul-de-sac with the wireless remote control since he is only 2 and too young to drive himself yet. Highly recommend Car Tots for their selection and their service too. They responded to all my emails (sorry if I sent too many) within a day and just a few hours normally. Toys R Us used to take days to get back to me if I emailed for support.

Thank you Car Tots!

Jesse in New Hampshire

Rollin' Deep In Dairyland

We ordered the two seat ride on Mercedes with remote control for our twins. We absolutely love the look of the GLS. There seemed to be...

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Daughter Loves Her SideXSide

We got the two seat UTV SideXSide in pink for our daughter. We needed the remote control since she is only two. It goes pretty good in the flat grass...

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