Customer News

Thank You So Much Car Tots!

Dear Car Tots,

I wanted to say thank you so much for the great service and follow through. We had preordered one of your Trail Blazers and your service folks touched base with us every so often so we had an idea of when our order would arrive. Wow, once we received we could not believe how big the box was. Of course we don't build these all the time, so it took us about an hour to put together everything. It looks amazing and we were able to test it out before doing the first full charge. Everything works great. Amazing!

Thanks again,

Leah in Maryland

Pink Porsche Style Livin'

We ordered the pink Porsche style with the opening doors. When it arrived it was hot, very hot pink that is. Our daughter's eyes lit up and she was ecstatic for at least an hour where she wouldn't do anything but touch and hug her new car. So far we haven't been able to touch it unless we are helping her open the door or turn it on... because it is "her car"

Thanks for the good times!

Randy in California

Thank You All For The Excellent Customer Service

We purchased the Toyota Tundra for our little guy's second birthday. We placed our pre-order and had a few questions for the representatives throughout the process. All of our emails were answered promptly and their estimated arrival time was pretty close to what was posted on the website. All in all a great shopping experience and I would definitely recommend Car Tots to anyone looking for a toddler car or birthday present.

Thank you again,

Mariah in California

Toddler Cars With Video Screens

Yes! You read that right. We ordered the Mercedes GT4 in Track Grey which has a built in MP4 video player right in the dash. We took our digital copy of our Disney Pixar Toy Story 4 and searched Google for an MP4 converter. Viola... we converted that over copied it to a USB stick and plugged it in the dash. Our little guy was in his fully loaded, race car with LED wheels and watching Woody and Buzz right there on his dash. Technology is amazing.

Thank You Car Tots,

Angelo in New Jersey

Weekend Fun In Our Ride On Car

Thank you Car Tots!

We just got done taking our new Mercedes we purchased from your store for a spin around our neighborhood. My daughter had the best time ever and I ain't gonna lie I had a blast too. She loves all sounds and having the music playing. It is just like a real car. This remote is awesome and we can't wait to go again tomorrow. 

Thanks again,

Aljaleh in Georgia

Car Tots McLaren RC Toddler Car

Dear Car Tots,

We came across your website and didn't even know there were such things as these remote control electric cars for toddlers. We are a car loving family so I immediately found the one for us which was the McLaren with the dihedral doors! This thing is so cool and looks amazing in our garage next to our cars. We will be back for more soon!

Thanks again,

Luis in Arizona

Loyalty Loves the Bambini


We ordered the Bugatti style Bambini for our son. He loves chillin in his car whether we are driving around or not. Everyday since we received our Bugatti he wakes up excited to go make sure his car is still parked in our living room. We didn't realize we were getting another piece of furniture when making the purchase! LOL!!

Thank you,

Mercedez in California

Zetros In Pink

Dear Car Tots,

Thank you so much for the great vehicles and service. We ordered the Mercedes Zetros in pink on backorder. It came in just a bit delayed, but the service folks always kept in touch with us and let us know when it was arriving. It was definitely worth the wait as it is a good size vehicle with great power. We had a little 6 volt ride on car before that barely moved. We called Car Tots and they recommended this vehicle for our daughter and her friends. We absolutely love it and it has enough room for her to start driving herself next year too!

Thank you,

Caitlyn in California

Toddler SideXSide Fun


We have been amazed with this side by side for our toddler!! The service when we ordered was great and they made sure we got it in time for our little guys birthday! It has been his favorite thing ever since! We have taken it out in the snow and in the mountains and it goes everywhere we need it to go! Our little boy LOVES it!!

Thank you,

Nicole in Utah

Parts Are A Plus!

Thank you so very much Car Tots. We ordered a vehicle a copule of years ago and needed a part. We emailed over our contact information and Ashley emailed us back right away. We took care of everything over email and got the parts and replaced the worn out ones and now he is loving to ride his jeep again!

Big Thanks,

Christy in Texas