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Great Shopping Experience

Car Tots Service,

I was looking for a vehicle with some specific features we wanted on our toddler ride on car. I emailed Car Tots and received a reply back with all relevant vehicles that would work with for our family. We narrowed down our selection and placed our order which was shipped out the same day. We had our order delivered in just three days and were so pleased with the detail of this toy truck. Hats off to your quick service and insight.

Thank you again,

Macey in Oklahoma

Hawaiian Customers Should Choose Car Tots

Thank You Car Tots!

We appreciate your fast processing and quick shipping to Hawaii. We absolutely love our pink jeep. My daughter enjoys riding in it all the time and having the remote control is key until she can driver herself.

Thanks again,

Mariane in Hawaii

Parts is always a plus


We have seen reviews from customers who purchased elsewhere and have a big problem getting parts for their vehicles. We specifically purchased from Car Tots, it has been about 2 years now, because we wanted to make sure that we could get parts for our two seat jeep if we ever needed it. What good is a ride on jeep if something breaks and you can't get parts? If you want to be able to get parts in the future then make sure you buy from a reputable company like Car Tots.

Thank you,

Taylor in Virginia

Thank You Car Tots

Dear Car Tots,

Our family wanted to extend a warm thank you to your company. We ordered the pink jeep with four motors and are absolutely amazed with the quality of this ride on jeep. We have a good size backyard so we wanted to get a jeep. When we called they mentioned that if we plan on driving in the grass it is best to get the four motor version. We had a couple of questions after receiving the jeep and email the customer support who always got right back to us with the right answers.

Thanks again,

John in Illinois

Love your cars. Decals are perfect. Cars are great quality. Have three in the family now.

Thank you so much for having such a wide variety of vehicles to choose from. We now have three of your Car Tots remote control ride on vehicles in our family and cannot say enough good things about the details of these cars. The decals are amazing and they look just like the real ones. Your service is fantastic too. Every time we need something we send an email and receive a response in a very timely fashion.

Thank you,

Aiden in California

Zetros = Zealous

We wanted to let you know that we absolutely love our Car Tots Mercedes-Benz Zetros. We read some of the reviews online and also on your website. We saw some companies selling it with one motor, so we decided to spend a few extra bucks for the version that you carry at Car Tots with two heavy duty 12 volt motors. We are so happy we did as we have two toddlers who always want to ride and it has enough power to go for a walk. It even drives on compacted sand which we have a bit of here in Florida.

Thank You Car Tots!

Jess in Florida

Trail Blazin' Fun

We wanted to tell you how much we lover our Trail Blazer. Our son absolutely can't stop talking about "his car". At first we weren't allowed to touch his car. Then he realized it moves and needed our help. LOL! This is wonderful!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH!!

Kind regards, 

Holly in Nevada


WOW!  Thank you so much for your support with our jeep!  You guys have truly been an amazing company to work with!   We just have a new baby and I'm sure at some point we will be looking something cooler than a stroller for him too!!! Ha Ha.


Jon in Tennessee

Parts Are A Plus With Car Tots

When I needed a part to get my toddler UTV with parental remote working again I was sure glad I purchased from Car Tots. Of course you ship vehicles around so I had to get help figuring out what the issue was here locally. Your techs told me what to check and I had a relative help with that. Once we emailed a picture of the part it was in the mail the next day. Our remote control UTV is good as new!

Thank you Car Tots,

Debbie in Louisiana 

Toddler Mercedes “Wowed” Our Socks Off!


Toddler Mercedes “Wowed” our socks off!

It was an absolute pleasure working with Car The car came in and we were thrilled about how easy it was to put together. With very minimal set up, the AMG GT4 Mercedes is a real show stopper. The light up wheels, and real car sounds were an amazing touch to an already great child’s toy. The build in touch screen was the icing on the cake, and our children loved it!

It has been the talk of the town since we got it, and it will be put to very good use in the future.

Thank you Car Tots!