Customer News

We Really Appreciate You!!

Thank you so much!! I processed the order, we really appreciate your excellent customer service and assisting us quickly via email. We will be recommending Car Tots to friends and family.

Elizabeth in Kentucky

Huge GT4 Fans and Toddler RC Is Dynamite

We are racing fans and really enjoy following the GT4 circuit. I was so happy to see that Car Tots carries the Mercedes GT4 Race Car for our grandson who loves cars at just 2 years old. In comparison to other vehicles on the our block we have seen this one really does drive faster with the upgraded motors. Don't get me wrong these are no race cars, but they are for toddlers. If you turn the lights off in the garage and turn on the car it lights up everything... the dash, wheels, headlights, tail lights it really is incredible. Don't forget about the posh leather seat to boot!

Great Toy! Thank You!

Susan in Connecticut

Thank You So Much

Thank you Car Tots. We love our toddler Mercedes with the cool lights and music. The weather is finally getting warm and we can finally use our ride on car outside instead of around the pool table (which I must say I did get pretty good at driving with the remote control). We will be posting some pictures online soon!

Thanks again,

Scott in New York

Nice Toys Great Service

When we first bought our Trail Blazer from Car Tots, I remember talking with the representative and they told me that many people call Car Tots and cannot get parts for their vehicles, because the place that they purchased from doesn't sell parts. So, they have an expensive toy they can't use any longer. We purchased from Car Tots for just that reason, and I am so glad we did as our family has used the toddler UTV many, many times and we have needed to replace various parts that would have been impossible to find had we not purchased right here at Car Tots.

Thank you again,

Lynn in Michigan

Thank You For Your Wonderful Customer Service

Thank you so much for your wonderful customer service. 5 stars. Much appreciated. We love our remote control ride on car. Great toddler Mercedes toy at a fair price. Wow technology continues to amaze.

Thank you Car Tots,

Janine in New York

Love Your Service!

Thank you for your great customer service. We realize that your toddler cars are packaged at the factory and get shipped to your warehouse then out to us as a customer so things can happen that are outside your control. We received our vehicle and one of the wheels was damaged and would not go onto the vehicle. We emailed customer service with a picture of the wheel and had a tracking number the same day of a replacement wheel being sent out to us. Love it! Now my baby's AMG Mercedes is lookin' fresh and clean.

Thank you Car Tots,

Lourdes in California


Dogs Like Trucks

Hello Car Tots! 

I got the Mercedes Zetros truck all put together, it is awesome! I took some amazing videos of her driving and posted some our Instagram page of my sweet Graybeard enjoying this fantastic versatility truck (@grandma_graybeard   is her username). I will get some pictures of her in it this weekend, when the weather clears up and send those over your way too for you folks to see what joy you have brought to our lives. 

Thank you for the great service and products!

Chyna in Washington

Pink Porsche Stylin'

Dear Car Tots Team,

Thank you for the amazing Porsche style car. Our daughter loves pink and matches her car. She like to sit in in right in the living room and pretend like she is driving with her music playing through the built-in speakers. We couldn't believe how inexpensive the vehicles are either. What a great deal on a great product that we will be enjoying for years to come.

Thank you!

Evan in Michigan

Fast Handling and Shipping

Dear Car Tots,

I made the mistake of waiting too long to order our daughter's second birthday present which we decided would be a toddler ride on car with remote control. I thought everything could be delivered within a couple of days, but I searched and searched and nobody had express shipping. I tried calling a few places, but just got a hold of a machine and nobody called me back. My third or fourth call...

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All New and Improved Defender Toddler Ride On Car with Remote

A big thank you to Car Tots. We had originally asked Car Tots about a remote control ride on Land Rover Defender that we saw online about six months ago. They had gone out of stock and were not coming back in at that time. The Car Tots staff kept in touch with us and let us know as soon as they received the new and improved two seat version (which is great when a neighbor's child wants to ride) of the Defender had come in. We absolutely love the boxy look of the Defenders in general, but weren't totally sold on the new look. We are glad we did go ahead and order one though and are very impressed with the quality and power of this two seat version. Our son is still too young to drive so we use the remote control, but we hope to have it for a couple of years so he can learn to drive it before moving into the larger non-remote vehicles. We know that with the great service we already have had that Car Tots will be there for us if we need them. My son, and I too when we go out for walks, love the extra space in the back and the cute little tailgate to store toys and water bottles. 

Thank you again Car Tots and we already have many neighbors searching for their own ride on vehicles!

Christopher in California