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Dear Car Tots,

I made the mistake of waiting too long to order our daughter's second birthday present which we decided would be a toddler ride on car with remote control. I thought everything could be delivered within a couple of days, but I searched and searched and nobody had express shipping. I tried calling a few places, but just got a hold of a machine and nobody called me back. My third or fourth call was to Car Tots and they answered right away. I asked them if they had express shipping and they were able to explain that while that works well with smaller items, these toddler cars were such large packages that they have a surcharge even for ground shipments. They even gave me the dimensions of the package and encouraged me to check on UPS or FedEx websites for rates to see how very expensive it is to ship these vehicles. It was Wednesday morning and I really wanted our daughter's birthday gift to arrive for the party on Sunday. The representative asked me where it was shipping to and gave me a few options that come from a warehouse they have closer to our home. We really had our heart set on a particular vehicle though, and what came next really shocked me, the representative was very honest with me and told me some stories about past customers who chose something they didn't like to get it more quickly as well as some who just accepted they were ordering late and went with the vehicle they really wanted which may arrive a couple of days after the birthday party. I really appreciated the representative being honest, and even though it was not guaranteed to arrive by the big party I went with Car Tots suggestion of buying the car we really wanted. The representative promised me they would ship it out that same day, which they did and it arrived on Monday one day after the party. The truth is I cared more about it being there for the party than my daughter did and in fact she had a great party and sat on grandma and grandpa's laps much more because the car wasn't there until the next day. 

Thank you so much for your amazing products, fast handling, quick shipping and above all your Honesty!

Thanks again,

Cheryl in Connecticut

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