All New and Improved Defender Toddler Ride On Car with Remote

A big thank you to Car Tots. We had originally asked Car Tots about a remote control ride on Land Rover Defender that we saw online about six months ago. They had gone out of stock and were not coming back in at that time. The Car Tots staff kept in touch with us and let us know as soon as they received the new and improved two seat version (which is great when a neighbor's child wants to ride) of the Defender had come in. We absolutely love the boxy look of the Defenders in general, but weren't totally sold on the new look. We are glad we did go ahead and order one though and are very impressed with the quality and power of this two seat version. Our son is still too young to drive so we use the remote control, but we hope to have it for a couple of years so he can learn to drive it before moving into the larger non-remote vehicles. We know that with the great service we already have had that Car Tots will be there for us if we need them. My son, and I too when we go out for walks, love the extra space in the back and the cute little tailgate to store toys and water bottles. 

Thank you again Car Tots and we already have many neighbors searching for their own ride on vehicles!

Christopher in California

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