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bububee ride on car cover
Car Tots ride on car cover
bububee ride on car cover
ride on car cover

High Quality Children's Ride-On Toy Car Cover

$ 49.99 $ 60.00

For just about all of the vehicles we sell this size will work. This quality cover fits most large sized ride on toy cars up to 52"L x 34"W x 34"H. You can use this cover for any brand of car that we sell and also for Power Wheels, Fisher Price, Audi, BMW, Ferrari, Hummer, Jeep, Land Rovers, Mercedes Benz, Ride On Cars, Remote Control Ride On Sports Cars, and more! 

This great cover is made of PEVA fabric, which is the same all weather fabric used to protect real cars from UV, rain and snow damage. This particular fabric is extremely waterproof on the outside and lined with a soft insulating material so it doesn't scratch your vehicle.

Protect and Teach Your Toddlers About Caring for Their Things with this unique cover. Ride on and remote control ride on cars cost a good deal of money. With this fantastic ride on car cover you can keep your purchase free from dirt, grime, dust, animal/bird droppings and UV rays. It is also a good way to start teaching your toddlers how to care for their things from an early age and help the care for their iPods, Tablets, and other expensive items they have and will have.

Ride On Car Cover Designed with Convenience In Mind. This cover was designed by very busy mother of three that desired an all weather protective cover that would fit very securely but also easy to put on and take off. Most of the adult sized car covers on the market have difficult drawstrings and straps that can be a pain to tie and untie. This is why the ride on car cover was designed with a double stitched fully elastic hem. You'll find that most times this amazing cover can even fully protect the wheels (depending on the height of the vehicle) - it fits very securely so it is unlikely that the wind can blow it off.

***This cover is not intended to shield your vehicle from very high heat or cold and it is not recommended to leave your vehicle (mostly the battery) out in extreme heat or cold, mostly for the sake of the battery.