Coby MP3 Player with Video and 4GB Internal Storage in Blue


$ 29.99 $ 60.00

With its sleek design the Coby MP620 Video MP3 Player will complete that new car and has many features aside from the usual music playback. The Coby MP3 player comes with many other capabilities such as video player, picture viewer, and FM radio. The screen is a 1.8 inch color screen with an LCD display. On the Coby storing music, pictures and other files to the device is fairly easy as it has high compatibility with other devices and software such as Windows7, Vista, or XP, thanks to the Coby Media Manager software. The included USB 2.0 port in the MP3 player allows for quick transfers of files so you don't have to wait long to load up some tunes.The rubberized back and lightweight design make the Coby MP620 easy to handle and carry. The intuitive interface is very user friendly making it easy to operate.