Holiday Shipping

We have a FEW SELECT VEHICLES that SHIP FROM THE EAST COAST. The rest of our vehicles follow the map above and schedule below.

Select East Coast vehicles CLICK HERE

Please use the map above for your GROUND Holiday Shipping Estimated delivery times. DO NOT WAIT UNTIL YOUR LAST DAY BELOW. This leaves no room for weather delays or any mishaps which can and do happen. Not Arriving by Christmas will not warrant any refunds nor returns. All store terms and conditions apply.

HOT PINK  -  1 DAY - Arrives by Christmas if ordered by 1PM December 23rd

LIGHT BLUE - 2 DAY - Arrives by Christmas if ordered by 1PM December 20th

ORANGE - 3 DAY - Arrives by Christmas if ordered by 1PM December 19th

GREEN - 4 DAY - Arrives by Christmas if ordered by 1PM December 18th

PURPLE East Coast  - 5 DAY - Arrives by Christmas if ordered by 2PM December 17th

Hawaii, Puerto Rico and Alaska all need to order by November 30th to guarantee Christmas Delivery. 

**There are Express Shipping Options Available for ridiculous prices that we do not recommend. Add the item to your shopping cart for shipping prices and details. REMEMBER the day you order does NOT count. If you order 2 day air on Monday by 12PM (Noon) it will be delivered on Wednesday, and weekends and holidays DO NOT count towards shipping days. If you go online to either FedEx or UPS and calculate a package that is 50"x24"x15" (one of our smallest packages we ship) you will see our rates are actually discounted quite a bit.

If your shipment arrives damaged between now and Christmas please email with pictures of the damage, and we will do our best to fix the issue as quickly as possible. Express shipping does not mean we can express a missing part for free.