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Hitting the streets in a Ride On Car

My girls love to be outside and play. What better way to play outside than with your very own Lamborghini ride on car! Cartots sent our family a Lamborghini ride on car to review.

My girls were beyond ecstatic to start riding in their ride on car. In fact that is why all the pictures are of them in their pajamas! We decided to surprise them one morning the the yellow Lamborghini from Car Tots that we received.

The car was put together by my husband and he said the instructions were very clear and it wasn’t very hard to do. What we both loved right away is how real this mini car looked! There was a gear shift to go forward or in reverse. There were keys that came with it and even a place to input your mp3 player to listen to music! The horn beeped and there were headlights that turn on and they even have the turn signal! This car is also rechargeable and so no need to buy batteries for it!

What I love most about this ride on car is that it can be controlled with a remote control!

Charlotte and Leah both absolutely love this car. Leah has gotten really good at steering Charlotte around and driving the car herself. We even let her drive down the road.



Boys and their toys - Moms love them too!

I am so glad I found this website. My son has been asking for a luxury electric car for forever. I decided to get him one for his birthday. I chose the G55 because I love Mercedes and it models the real thing so much to give him a great time riding. When he came outside to see the car he said "Wow mom, you got me a truck". He hopped right in and I couldn't get him out. The quality of this car is amazing. I like the fact that there is a switch on the dash to put it in manual mode or remote mode so I can drive him too until he gets that swing of things. This truck is like pure magic. I'm thankful it comes with a 1 year warranty just in case anything happens.

Thanks again Car Tots!


Altanta, GA

Great Products

First off, I cannot explain how much my kids have been enjoying your products. It is amazing what you guys have and what it does to kids. Again, thank you guys so much, I have been spreading the word for Cartots everywhere and with your permission.

Thank you again,

Andrew S.

Grandchild's Favorite Toy


We purchased your remote control ride on Ferrari and boy was it a smash hit at our my grandson's party. Little Nathan had just turned 2, and his smile was ear to ear when we drove him around in his new Ferrari! I have 6 grandchildren and they all wanted to take turns riding in it. We will have to look at getting a larger one for some of the older ones soon.

Thank you Cartots!


Happiest Grandson

Dear Cartots,

I ordered the BMW Z4 ride on car for my 2 year old grandson's birthday and it was the hit of the party and his birthday. I don't think that I've ever seen his smile so big and beautiful and I just had to say thank you to you folks. His parents had an absolute blast driving him around with the remote control and I think many other folks in the neighborhood will be ordering from you folks soon.

Thank you,



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