Unleash Speed and Style: The Bugatti Divo Remote Control Ride On Race Car!

Unleash Speed and Style: The Bugatti Divo Remote Control Ride On Race Car!

Get ready to ignite your child's passion for racing with the Bugatti Divo Remote Control Ride On Race Car. Crafted with precision and designed for exhilarating performance, this toddler ride-on brings the iconic Bugatti experience to the next generation of drivers. Let's delve into what makes this miniature marvel a must-have for your little speedster.

The Thrill of the Track, At Home

Inspired by the legendary Bugatti Divo, this toddler ride-on captures the essence of speed and style in every detail. From its sleek lines to its beautiful painted finish, no expense has been spared in replicating the allure of the $6 million masterpiece. Now, your child can experience the thrill of driving a Bugatti right in your own backyard.

Luxury Meets Performance

Step into the cockpit and feel the luxury of the black leather seat beneath you. With foam rubber tires and spring suspension, every ride is smooth and comfortable, just like the real thing. The sport-style steering wheel puts your child in control, while the adjustable seat belt ensures their safety as they navigate the track.

Tech-Savvy Features for Modern Racers

Equipped with dual powerful 12-volt motors and a 12V sealed rechargeable battery, the Bugatti Divo Ride On delivers impressive speed and agility. And with features like push-button start, working front and rear LED lights, and aux/USB/SD card inputs for audio, the excitement never stops. Plus, with the 2.4G parental remote control, parents can take the wheel and guide their little racer with ease.

Customization Options

Make the Bugatti Divo Ride On truly your own with our range of optional accessories, including a Bluetooth MP4 player, music receiver, car cover, and DIY light kit. Plus, with a free customized license plate and Bluetooth speaker included with every purchase, the possibilities for personalization are endless.

A Race-Ready Experience at an Unbeatable Price

At just $299.99 (originally $525.00), the Bugatti Divo Remote Control Ride On Race Car offers unbeatable value for money. Plus, with our 6-month manufacturer's parts replacement warranty, you can enjoy peace of mind with every lap.


Elevate your child's playtime to new heights with the Bugatti Divo Remote Control Ride On Race Car. With its stunning design, advanced features, and unbeatable price, this ride-on promises hours of endless fun and excitement. Order yours today and let the racing adventures begin!

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