Trail Blazing

Trail Blazing

We ordered the remote control trail blazer from Car Tots as a Christmas present for our two children. This is one of the few toddler ride ons with two seats, and it was absolutely perfect for us as we want to use it in our yard so the four motors is a big plus. When we received the vehicle there wasn't any remote control in the package and we were a little worried we ordered the wrong thing and that our Christmas would be ruined. We emailed in to Car Tots the weekend before Christmas and asked if this was indeed a remote control ride on vehicle since there was no remote control in the box. They called us back on Saturday and assured us that it was a remote control vehicle and also helped us find the remote which had managed to hide itself during the shipping. We were thrilled with the product and level of service we received from Car Tots Staff. 

Thank you,

Stephanie in Utah

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