The Service Is Great At Car Tots

The Service Is Great At Car Tots

The service is great at Car Tots. Obviously, when you buy a toy, especially something remote control, at times your item can use some service. I've purchased many, many toys over the years and sometimes something doesn't even work right out of the box. Most of these toys nowadays come from China, as we all know, and there is no way for a company to know that anything is wrong until the customer tries to use their item. My Chevy Colorado that I ordered from Car Tots worked perfectly for a few months and my daughter and I were enjoying it thoroughly, until the power button stopped working. We contacted Car Tots via email and within 24 hours the part was in the mail. They offered to have a tech help me once the part arrived, but I didn't need any assistance as it was easy to swap out and my little girl (and I) can enjoy her remote control Colorado truck again. That is what customer service is all about to me and I recommend you give Car Tots a chance as they will take care of you too.

Thank you,

Will in West Virginia

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