Illuminate Your Ride - DIY LED Color Changing Light Kit Review!

Illuminate Your Ride - DIY LED Color Changing Light Kit Review!

Are you ready to elevate your ride-on experience to a whole new level? Introducing the LED Color Changing Light DIY Kit from Car Tots - the ultimate accessory for those who love to customize and stand out from the crowd.

Unleash Your Creativity

At Car Tots, we understand that every ride-on deserves a touch of personality. That's why we've curated this battery-powered LED light strip set, perfect for transforming ordinary vehicles into vibrant, eye-catching displays. Whether it's for your little one's ride-on car, wagon, bicycle, or even stroller, this DIY kit has got you covered.

Easy Installation, Endless Possibilities

Powered by three AA batteries (not included), installation is a breeze. With super adhesive backing tape, you can effortlessly apply the LED strips to almost any surface. Just remember to carefully remove the blue layer off the tape – the white layer is what sticks! From indoor spaces like bedrooms and kitchens to outdoor adventures like camping or skateboarding, these LED lights add a splash of color wherever you go.

Customize Your Experience

Equipped with a 24-key remote control, the power is in your hands. Adjust the color, brightness, flashing speed, and scene mode with ease. Plus, with a maximum control distance of 50 feet, you can command your light display from afar, setting the mood just right for any occasion.

Safe and Durable Design

Safety is our top priority. That's why the LED strips are coated with silicone for a safe touch, ensuring peace of mind, especially around little ones. With a waterproof rating of IP65 (excluding other accessories), these lights can withstand the elements, from a light drizzle to a splash of water – just remember, they're not meant for submersion.

What's in the Box?

Each kit comes complete with everything you need to get started:

  • 1x LED strip lights
  • 1x battery box
  • 1x remote control

A Word of Caution

While we believe in the power of DIY projects to bring joy and creativity, we also want to remind you that this kit is not for everyone. If spending a day tricking out your ride-on doesn't sound like your idea of fun, then this might not be the right fit for you. Additionally, please note that the Mini Dimmer and Battery Pack are not waterproof, and as this is a DIY kit, there are no returns.

Final Thoughts

With the LED Color Changing Light DIY Kit from Car Tots, the possibilities are endless. Whether you're looking to add a pop of color to your child's ride-on car or create a mesmerizing light display for your next outdoor adventure, this kit has everything you need to make it happen. So why wait? Illuminate your ride today and let your imagination soar!

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