Fantastic Customer Service

We ordered our grandson a toddler ride on 2 seater from Car Tots. We live in Canada, but since we are close to the border we had the vehicle shipped to a relative in the US and went down to pick up the vehicle the next trip we made down. We got home and gave it to our grandson who was beyond thrilled from the moment he saw it. Our daughter told us all he wanted to do for the next few days was just sit in his car whether it was on or not. We had forgotten to put the bolt through the steering wheel when we assembled it and our grandson pulled it off and broke the wires on it. We called Car Tots and explained what happened and that it was our fault. They told us how much they appreciated our honesty and told us they would cover the new steering wheel. We asked if we could pay to ship it to Canada so we didn't have to drive down to pick up the part and they actually even offered to split the cost of shipping with us so all in all it was a very inexpensive mistake. We got the part and made sure the bolt and nut were securely fastened and our grandson continues to love his car. We got lots of extra hugs whenever we see him!

Thank you,

Marty in Ontario

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