Cool Electric Bentley Concept Car For My Cool Toddler

We ordered the toddler Bentley EXP 12 modeled after the all electric Bentley concept car in real life. This toddler version is gorgeous with the glossy paint, butterfly doors and cool LED hood insignia. My son gets the biggest smile on his face when he sits in "his" car. I have to admit it brings a smile to my face to drive him around our cul-de-sac with the wireless remote control since he is only 2 and too young to drive himself yet. Highly recommend Car Tots for their selection and their service too. They responded to all my emails (sorry if I sent too many) within a day and just a few hours normally. Toys R Us used to take days to get back to me if I emailed for support.

Thank you Car Tots!

Jesse in New Hampshire

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