Conquer the Outdoors with Style: Mercedes Unimog 24 Volt UTV

Conquer the Outdoors with Style: Mercedes Unimog 24 Volt UTV

Over the past few years, the allure of UTV vehicles with remote controls and powerful 24-volt motors has been undeniable. And now, Car Tots introduces the pièce de résistance: the Mercedes Unimog 24 Volt UTV with 2 Seats and Remote Control. This isn't just a ride-on vehicle; it's an experience waiting to happen.

Unmatched Features, Unbeatable Price

At $579.99, discounted from $700.00, this isn't just a purchase; it's an investment in adventure. Plus, Car Tots sweetens the deal with a free customized license plate and a complimentary Bluetooth speaker. But wait, there's more! You have the option to customize your Unimog experience with additional accessories like a Bluetooth MP4 player, a Bluetooth music receiver, a car cover, or even a DIY light kit.

An Unforgettable Ride

Picture this: two toddlers comfortably seated in luxurious leather seats, strapped in with seat belts, ready to embark on an adventure. With its 24-volt power system and rechargeable battery, the Mercedes Unimog is designed for flat terrains, offering forward speeds of up to 6 MPH and a smooth reverse function.

Safety First, Fun Always

Safety is paramount, and the Unimog doesn't disappoint. Parents can take control with the 2.4G wireless remote, complete with a parental stop button for added peace of mind. Meanwhile, kids can take the wheel themselves, accelerating with the foot pedal and navigating with the steering wheel.

Unrivaled Design and Quality

But it's not just about functionality; it's about style too. The Mercedes Unimog boasts a beautifully painted body, sealed suspension shocks, and foam rubber tires for a smooth and stylish ride. LED front and rear lights illuminate the path ahead, while the SD card/USB port and MP3 connectivity ensure that the soundtrack to your adventure is just a click away.


  • Length: 51"
  • Width: 33"
  • Height: 33"
  • Suitable for ages 2-6 (up to 46" tall)
  • Weight capacity: 105 lbs.

Your Ticket to Adventure

So why wait? Elevate your outdoor adventures with the Mercedes Unimog 24 Volt UTV from Car Tots. With its unmatched features, unbeatable price, and unrivaled design and quality, this isn't just a ride-on vehicle; it's a ticket to endless fun and unforgettable memories. Get yours today and let the adventures begin!

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