Car Tots Extreme XL 24V Buggy is Awesome

Thank you Car Tots,

Car Tots was by far the best place to order a remote control vehicle for our son who just turned 4.  We went back and forth between  few and ended up with the Extreme XL buggy. Wilson was the gentleman we spoke to and he was so beyond helpful.  The car was back ordered and we were willing to wait for it to get what we wanted. He was able to give us top notch advice on the difference between this and the other Screamer vehicle we were looking at. Ultimately we decided to go with the Extreme XL toddler buggy and when we ordered we were so surprised there was one available so we got it sooner than we had thought. Our son loved the car when we got it. but we realized the battery would run time was not long enough for us. We called and received wonderful advice and now there are backup batteries that allow us to swap out so easily and last longer. We also had an issue with the sound system on the car originally, but customer service easily assisted us to locate a plug that probably came apart during shipping which was the issue. This remote control ride car is the coolest and has so many awesome Features our sons love it!  They can easily fit in it and so can their mom which is pretty cool.  Definitely recommend this company! 

Thank you so much Car Tots,

Valerie in New Jersey

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