Big 2nd Birthday Surprise

I just wanted to write in today and thank you folks for your service and for the outstanding remote control ride on Tundra truck! We ordered the Tundra XL for our son's 2nd birthday. You folks reached out and did let us know that it would take a bit longer to arrive as the shipping companies were backed up which we appreciated very much, and thankfully we ordered early. When the delivery came we could not believe how big the box as well as the gorgeous red Tundra truck inside. It came mostly assembled, so my husband and I spent maybe 30 minutes or so putting the wheels, seat and windshield on. This truck is very big... maybe a bit bigger than we expected for a second birthday, but we wanted something he could grow into and use for a couple of years. Our son's face absolutely lit up with joy when he saw "my truck", as he calls it, for the first time on his birthday. There is plenty of power, space for his favorite toys in the bed which he absolutely loves. When we drive him around with the remote it is as if something magical is happening and and just has a blast!

Thank you so much for your great toys and service!!

Lori in Texas

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