Maintaining a Healthy Weight for Your Kids Starts with Parents

If I’m right, weight maintenance for kids all start with the parents including the diet and education about eating healthy.

Parents are the ones in control of their kids feeding. At the early stage, kids don’t know what to eat from what not to eat. Eventually, when the child grows up, he or she will need to know which foods are healthy and aide in maintaining a healthy weight.  One thing to note is that the toddlers and kids do not just develop their taste for the foods just in one day. It takes years, and we believe starting them off with a wide variety of healthy foods at a young age will help develop their pallets and promote healthy eating. As we all know, what we eat has a great impact on our weight, and cellular development. If parents are the type that love to keep plenty of sweets on their shelves, they might not be able to control their kids from eating sweets and consuming a sizable portion of their daily calorie intake from foods that are not very nutritious. We are not saying to not allow your toddlers to eat any sweets, but it certainly helps to learn to have balance in your eating habits and to teach them the value of nutrition. It is never to early to start to teach kids about reading the labels on the food they eat and understand the difference between a piece of fresh fruit or veggies from cookies and candy. Eating sugary choices too often might cause the kids to become desensitized to sweets and have an appetite for only foods which might lead to being overweight and malnourished.

Another big piece of weight maintenance is exercise. For parents to maintain their kids weight they should make sure their kids are getting outside in the fresh air when possible. Talking a walk around the neighborhood or to the park to play is a great way to get some exercise together. We believe that families who exercise together tend to be healthier and maintain a healthy weight. It is a good idea to try to get at least an hour of exercise per day. In this age of electronic gadgets and video games it is easy to get stuck sitting for a large portion of the day and not even realize it.

When healthy eating and ample exercise are combined it can truly be an amazing combination that can improve health in toddlers, kids, teens and adults.

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