Hummer Style Ride On Truck SUV Jeep With Remote Control

Autobahn Motors

$ 298.00 $ 359.99


The Hummer Style Ride On Truck is great for 2-4 year old drivers with an adventurous spirit. This 12 volt, 1 seat ride on Hummer is designed for kids to have a blast with an authentic driving experience too. It features powerful twin motors, working front lights, adjustable seat belt, big all-terrain style wheels and a parent remote control. It can be driven either by child with steering wheel/foot pedal OR by parent using the remote. This vehicle will travel on most surfaces including asphalt, low cut grass, and dirt which will be trilling for your little driver. Plus, if you order today we will include a 1 year warranty at no additional cost.


Details of RC Hummer Style Ride On Truck:

  • Plastic Tires with a Rubber Traction Strip
  • 2 x Rechargeable 6V 10Ah Batteries (12V output)
  • Dual 12 Volt Motors
  • Forward and Reverse
  • Up to 4 MPH
  • Remote Control
  • Plastic Tires with a Rubber Traction Strip
  • Length: 42", Width: 26"
  • Functioning Headlights
  • Perfect For 2-4 Years Of Age
  • Weight Capacity of 66 Lbs.
  • Adjustable Seat Belt for ONE Rider
  • Foot Pedal Accelerator
  • 12V Charger Is Included
  • 1 Year Car Tots Warranty Included