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Replacement Battery Set for SX1928 Super Buggy XL

Replacement Battery Set - 24V Super Buggy 4WD

$ 80.00 $ 100.00

The battery in the picture may not be the exact battery you receive as we use stock photos for the batteries. This is a replacement set of TWO batteries that go in the box that came with your 24 Volt Super Buggy that we sell on our website. If you did not purchase your vehicle from Car Tots then we do not make any guarantee it will fit nor work with your vehicle. You will receiver two batteries with this purchase that go in the battery box your Super Buggy XL came with.

***Please be sure to keep the battery box and remove the screws on top to take the cover off*** You are saving a lot of money by swapping out the batteries inside the box you already have.

See our terms and conditions page prior to ordering. No returns nor exchanges on batteries.