Premium Extreme Henes T870 Broon Sport Ride On SUV


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The Henes Broon T870 Sport is definitely one of the most beautiful, perfect and safe ride on SUV trucks on the market today. Henes finally launched the full time all-wheel drive SUV model to bring parents and children closer together. The 24 volt Henes Broon T870 Sport is the company's second model in their 3rd generation of vehicles. Whether driving on or off-road, full time 4WD provides maximum powered motors with an extremely powerful 24 voltage system. It digitally and independently controls each wheel with the limited-slip differential gear system, providing both improved driving, turning and faster acceleration. Just like F830 Sport, the T870 Sport also includes a leather bucket seat and 2.4Ghz Bluetooth Remote Control for parents to drive around their toddlers that aren't quite ready yet. The bright front and rear LED lamps and to the driving experience. There is a real actual four wheel suspension and real rubber tires as well as a self diagnosing smart system to detect if the vehicle is running properly and even shut it down if it is overheating or if it gets out of range of the wireless remote control. Feel the most advanced electric ride on car with your kid and have fun driving. We realize that this is vehicle costs quite a bit more than most of the other remote control ride on vehicles, but we can tell you from experience that the customers who have purchased this one truly can and do recognize the differences and will tell you they are happy they opted to purchase the most advanced toddler ride on vehicle around. For a very limited time we are offering our exclusive Car Tots 6 month warranty with your purchase. 

***This model does NOT have the tablet. The tablet model is not being made at this time. Do not be fooled by other companies confusing advertising.


 Henes Broon T870 Sport 24V 4x4 Item Specifications:

  • Rechargeable  24V 7Ah Non-spillable Battery Pack

  • Dual 24V 16,000rpm 7 series DC Motor System

  • Variable driving mode; Comfort, Normal, and Dynamic

  • Smooth Variable Speed Up to 5MPH (8km/h)

  • Reverse 

  • Rack and Pinion Electronic Steering
  • Product size: Length: 55", Width: 31", Height: 24"

  • Bluetooth 2.4Ghz RC Wireless Remote Control 

  • Functioning Hood and Doors

  • Storage room at Trunk

  • LED Bright Headlights

  • MP3 Player and Stereo Speakers Built In

  • High Density Polyurethane Foam Rubber Tire

  • Polypropylene exterior body which has great flexibility and strength

  • Spring Suspension and Shock Absorbers just like a Real Car

  • Perfect For 2-6 Years Of Age (Height of 46" or less recommended for good fit)

  • Limited-Slip Differential Gear System

  • Can Carry Up To 95 Lbs. 

  • Leather Bucket Seats and Seat Belt Harnesses

  • Foot and Brake Pedals

  • Auto/Manual Braking

  • Ball Joint Spring Strut Steering Knuckle

  • 4 Wheel Adaptive Suspension with Gas Pressurized Shocks

  • 110V Charger Is Included 

  • 6 Month Car Tots Exclusive Warranty

In The Henes T870 4x4 Box: 

  • 24V HENES Broon T870 Ride On Car

  • 24V 7Ah Battery Pack

  • 110V Battery Charger

  • Instruction Manual

  • Leather seat and four tires - needs to be assembled