Audi R8 Style 12V Ride On Car W/Remote Control (RC), MP3 Port and Rubber Tires

Car Tots

$ 239.99 $ 359.99

This fabulous Audi R8 style twin motor and two speed ride on car is a real head turner, and now has rubber foam wheels. The R8 inspired Autobahn Motors 12 volt ride on car is a blast for any 2 to 4 year old to hop in and take a spin. Sometimes it can be even more entertaining for the adult who wants to participate with the included wireless remote control. This Audi R8 style ride on car is an absolutely stunning sports car with working front and rear lights, MP3 player input, and all other functionality your child is sure to dream of. It features a 12v rechargeable battery with a full function remote control for parents whose kids cannot reach the accelerator pedal or cannot yet control the car. Itcan be driven by the child using the foot pedal or by a parent using the remote control, or sometimes your child may even want to remotely control it with their favorite stuffed animal riding shotgun. It comes complete with 110V wall charger and all the necessary accessories to make this a fabulous addition to your garage. Order today and we will include a 1 year warranty* at no additional charge.


Specifications of the Audi R8 Style Ride on Car: 

  • Dual 12 Volt Motors
  • Rechargeable 12 Volt 7Ah Battery
  • 2 Speeds Forward (Up to 2 and 4 MPH)
  • Reverse
  • Rubber Foam Tires
  • Length: 46", Width: 25"
  • Wireless Remote Control
  • Working Front and Rear Lights
  • MP3 Player Connection and Volume Control
  • Horn and Car Start Up Sounds
  • Perfect For 1-4 Years of Age (Up to age 5 Max)
  • Impressive Weigh Capacity of 75 lbs.
  • Adjustable Seat Belt for ONE Rider
  • Foot Pedal Accelerator
  • 110V Charger Is Included
  • 1 Year Parts Warranty *(6 Months on the Battery and Charger)