Cover/MP3/Speaker Savings Bundle

Car Tots

$ 85.00 $ 179.99

Cover/MP3/Speaker Savings Bundle $85

Bluetooth Speaker  Description:

Parents have asked us many times if they could Bluetooth music into their toddler's remote control ride on car with their cell phone. Yes, with this speaker you are able to stick it into your ride on car and pair it with your Bluetooth enabled device such as an Android, iPhone or Smartphone. Then as long as you stay within about 30 feet of the vehicle or put your phone somewhere safe in the vehicle you will be able to play right from your playlists or Pandora or any other music apps. 

MP3 Player Specifications:

1.8 Inch OLED Display

Battery 300mah

Charging Time 30 Minutes

Play Time 30 Hours

FM Radio

Features: Bluetooth, Recording, FM Radio, Built In 8GB Memory

  • Ride On Cover Description:

    For just about all of the vehicles we sell this size will work. This quality cover fits most large sized ride on toy cars up to 52"L x 34"W x 34"H. You can use this cover for any brand of car that we sell and also for Power Wheels, Fisher Price, Audi, BMW, Ferrari, Hummer, Jeep, Land Rovers, Mercedes Benz, Ride On Cars, Remote Control Ride On Sports Cars, and more! 

    This great cover is made of PEVA fabric, which is the same all weather fabric used to protect real cars from UV, rain and snow damage. This particular fabric is extremely waterproof on the outside and lined with a soft insulating material so it doesn't scratch your vehicle.

    ***This cover is not intended to shield your vehicle from very high heat or cold and it is not recommended to leave your vehicle out in extreme heat or cold.